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Veritas Coloring Pencils in Tube - Set of 12

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This assorted, non-toxic artist quality set of Veritas Coloring Pencils comes packaged in a sturdy lidded cylinder and is the perfect starter set for any artist.
This basic set of 12 colored pencils is made up of the most commonly used colors listed here. The Pantone color number is listed in brackets.Yellow (102C)Green (348C)Black (4C)Hot Pink (212C)Brown (478C)Purple (2685C) Red (200C)Blue (287C) Blush (1555C)Yellow Green (376C)Light Blue (299C)Orange (151C)
Pencils are made from incense cedarwood. It has a thicker wax-based lead that applies smoothly and resists breakage. Shading, layering, and blending colors will be a delight with these vibrant hues. A sturdy round cylinder is the perfect storage container to keep your pencils safe and is small enough to fit in your bag. 



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